Saturday, July 06, 2024

The ingenuity of generative AI - IBM

Generative AI has seemed almost too good to be true. It cuts coding time from days to minutes, personalizes products down to the tiniest detail, and spots security vulnerabilities almost as soon as they appear. And it’s helped skyrocket AI ROI from 13% to 31% since 2022. While this largely reflects the success of pilots, sandbox experimentation, and other small-scale investments, these early results have business leaders rethinking what’s possible. Our latest proprietary survey of 5,000 executives across 24 countries and 25 industries reveals that most executives are more optimistic about the generative AI opportunity than they were last year. More than three in four (77%) say gen AI is market ready, up from just 36% in 2023, and nearly two-thirds (62%) now say gen AI is more reality than hype.

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